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    Centennial farms and ranches: Celebrating a century of MT stories

    “These days, to have a job for 10 years is something of an achievement. To spend an entire lifetime on something is remarkable, and to spend multiple lifetimes in dogged determination is downright admirable.”

    That’s what Montana photographer Thomas Lee told our readers to introduce his Portfolio of photos that documented the lives of three Montana centennial ranching families in our July/August issue.

    Lee’s Portfolio, “A Century of Stories” introduced readers to three of the 28 Montana families that have been honored by the Montana Historical Society’s  Montana Centennial Farm and Ranch program.

    You can meet the families Lee highlights and learn more about the program with our interactive map. To see all the photos, pick up our July/August issue.


    - Jenna 

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  1. David Fischlowitz says: July 23, 2014 at 8:28 amReply

    The cultural embodied energy in the old buildings and machines that hold the stories of our lands are absolutely precious and deserve preservation. Thanks for the great article!

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