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Advertiser Index 2014

November - December 2014

Destination Missoula pg 33
Cottonwood Inn & Suites pg 49
Glascow TBID pg 49
Missouri River Country pg 49
High Plains Sheepskin pg 21
Homestead Helicopter pg 45
Lambros Real Estate pg 2,3
Lewistown Chamber of Commerce pg 51
Liquid Planet/Planetary Designs pg 66
Missoula Downtown Association pg 11
Montana Antique Mall pg 41
MT Dept of Commerce pg 29
Salish Kootenai College Foundation pg 29
China Woods pg 37
Thistle Dew pg 11
‘The Christmas Doctor’ pg 65
Western MT Clinic pg 25
Angle 33 pg 57
Ario Jewlery pg 60
Behring Knives pg 61
Big Sky Billiards pg 62
Bitterroot Flowers pg 59
Chalet Market pg 61
Dog House Biscuits pg 58
Eva Gates pg 61
Ewe Hoo Design pg 60
F11 Photography pg 59
Goertzen Adventure Equipment pg 59
Greenlight District pg 59
Hi Country Snacks pg 60
High Plains Sheepskin pg 58
Jax Hats pg 62
Jill Ziedler pg 60
Murphy Jubb pg 62
Orchard at Flathead Lake pg 60
Ringler pg 63
Sleep City pg 61
Snowy Mountain Coffee pg 61
Spas of Montana pg 62
The Sweets Barn pg 61
Trinity Books & Gifts pg 59
UM Bookstore pg 58
Western Trails Food pg 62

September - October 2014

Destination Missoula page 56

High Plains Sheepskin page 21

Homestead Helicopter page 37

Lewistown Chamber of Commerce page 43

Liquid Planet/Planetary Designs page 67

Miles City Chamber of Commerce page 11

Mindshare USA/Grey Goose Vodka page 2

Missoula Downtown Association page 31

Missouri River Country/Fork Peck page 59

Montana Antique Mall page 65

Montana Department of Commerce page 59

Mountain West Bank/First Interstate Bank page 53

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation page 21

Schlauch Uhlmann Platinum Properties page 3

Stelling and Associates page 44

Trinity Books and Gifts page 7

Western Montana Clinic page 63

July - August 2014

Bitterroot Chamber of Commerce
Chinook Country Tourism
Coeur D’ Alene visitor information
Destination Missoula
Eastshore Smokehouse
Dawn Maddux
Homestead Helicopter
Montana Dream Home
Les Schwab
Lewistown Chamber of Commerce
Miles City Chamber
Missouri River Country / Fort Peck
Missoula Downtown Association
Montana Dept. of Commerce
MT Diva Foundation – Celtic Festival
Montana Antique Mall
Morris Nyquist
Mountain West Bank
Northwestern Energy
Liquid Planet / Planetary Designs
Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
Salish Kootenai College Foundation
Schlauch Uhlmann Platinum Properties
Stelling & Assoc.
Trinity Books & Gifts
Wamsley Realty
Western MT Clinic
Whitefish Mtn Resort

March - April 2014

America’s Best Value Inn
Butte CVB (Partners Creative)
Butte Urban Safari
Copper King Mansion
Destination Missoula (Msla CVB)
Grand Estates Auction
Hampton Inn
Havre Chamber of Commerce
Holiday Inn Express
Lewistown Chamber of Commerce
Montana Dept. of Commerce
Montana Land (Billings Gazette)
Montana Land Reliance (Billings Gazette)
Motel 6
Mountain West Bank
Planetary Designs (Liquid Planet)
Salish Kootenai College Foundation
Trinity Books & Gifts
Uptown Café
World Museum of Mining

January - February 2014

Backcountry Adventure
Butte Convention and Visitors Bureau
Butte Urban Safari
Copper King Mansion
Destination Missoula
Hampton Inn
High Plains Sheepskin
Holiday Inn Express Butte
Lewistown Chamber of Commerce
Mineral Museum
Montana Land Magazine
Montana Land Reliance
Mountain West Bank
Montana Department of Commerce
Planetary Design
Trinity Books and Gifts
Uptown Café
World Museum of Mining