• Grizzly Guardian finds wild calling

    By Corinne Garcia, Photos by Erik Petersen

    Not just anyone would opt for a bear as a pet in lieu of something a lot less intimidating. But for Casey Anderson, an animal lover and naturalist who has made a career out of working with and exploring some of the world’s most feared animals, somehow it doesn’t seem so strange. Host of the National Geographic Channel series “America the Wild,” the fifth generation Montanan has paved his own way through the animal kingdom, going from hobby tracker to wildlife expert and spokesperson.

    In 2002, Anderson met Brutus, a grizzly cub who was just the size of a squirrel. Through this quirky bear, and other wild animals he has come to know and understand, he has been able to dispel many myths about predators. But first, Anderson had to learn about them himself.

    What is Brutus like today? He’s a one-of-a-kind bear living at Anderson’s Montana Grizzly Encounter outside Bozeman.
    To view videos of Brutus, as well as other bears at the sanctuary, visit the santurary’s bearcam page.

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  • Montana’s New Nashville


    On a warm Monday evening last August — a weekday night that typically has little going on in the way of live entertainment — music was pouring out of Peach Street Studios located in an historic red brick building on Bozeman’s northside.

    The crisp sounds of acoustic guitar were accompanied by the solid, soulful voices and haunting harmonies of a Washington, D.C.-based band called Vandaveer. The next night, it was The Farewell Drifters, a hipster-esque folk band out of Nashville, the night after it was Texas country singer Dale Watson, and on other evenings Montana’s own singer-songwriters took the stage.

    With 24 shows in July and August, it was almost as if, to quote the Grateful Dead, “the music never stopped.”

    If there ever was a music hub for singer-songwriters in the Rockies, a mini-Nashville of sorts, this is it. Peach Street Studios is the headquarters of “Live from the Divide,” a weekly radio show that is a “Celebration of the American Songwriter.”

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    “Hear the show”


    Hear popular Missoula singer-songwriter Tom Catmull’s Live from the Divide show and recording session.