• Mitzi Baines walks her daughters Salome, 7, and Rivkah, 4, along the tracks outside Three Forks. Photo by Kurt Wilson

    Come wander MT with us

    We’re big fans of what we like to call virtual getaways. We think our magazine offers that to each reader each issue. And thanks to the internet, we think Mondays are good days to do a little digital wandering. Think of it as a mini road trip from your desk.

    Here’s our suggestion this week: We featured a wandering photographer in our March/April issue with our Roaming the Riverside Portfolio. Kurt Wilson took the photos for the spread while wandering to each corner of Montana. 

    Wind blows through the mane of a white horse on the Rocky Mountain Front near Choteau. Photo by Kurt Wilson

    Wind blows through the mane of a white horse on the Rocky Mountain Front near Choteau. Photo by Kurt Wilson

    In all, his Roadside Wanderings project for the Missoulian yielding a set of great stories and six photograph collections.

    Take a look at all Wilson’s work. It offers a great weekday getaway.



  • West Butte in the Sweetgrass Hills. Photo by Kyle Laslea

    Reader photo gallery: New photos galore

    If you know anything about Montana Magazine, you know that we LOVE good photos.

    Including the stunners we have inside each issue, we are lucky to have a very talented set of readers who send us images all year.

    A sharp shinned hawk. Photo by Christine Eckel

    A sharp shinned hawk. Photo by Christine Eckel

    We update our Reader Photo Gallery regularly. Have you checked it out lately? We’ve got another batch of great images up now. 

    Do you have images you’d like to share? Please do! Include full photographer name, a brief description of the image, location of the shot and your contact information in an email with a jpg file of the image to editor@montanamagazine.com.

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    • blackfoot-near-bonner

      Sunlight bounces off the Blackfoot River near Bonner. Photo by Kurt Wilson

    • flathead-at-dixon-agency

      Under the setting sun, children play in the Flathead River near Dixon. Photo by Kurt Wilson

    • flathead-near-bad-rock-canyon

      The Flathead River near Bad Rock Canyon is the perfect summer cool down spot. Photo by Kurt Wilson

    • milk-river-near-hinsdale

      Fall foliage frames the Milk River near Hinsdale. Photo by Kurt Wilson

    • teton-river-south-of-conrad

      The Teton River south of Conrad. Photo by Kurt Wilson

    • yellowstone-at-terry-badlands

      Songbirds float above the Yellowstone River near the Terry Badlands. Photo by Kurt Wilson

    Come roam the Montana riversides with us

    We’re lucky to get to share the wonderful work of photographer Kurt Wilson in our March/April issue.

    Wilson’s images from riversides across Montana (and we mean ALL across Montana) make up our Portfolio: Roaming the Riverside.

    It’s part of Wilson’s larger “Roadside Wanderings” project that took him around the state following historical roadside markers.

    His “best of” collection of riverside photos depicts a vast variety of territory – a concept that captures the broad role Montana rivers play in the state. 

    For one thing, “there’s a lot of history in rivers,” Wilson said.

    Our slideshow is just a sampling of Wilson’s beautiful work.

    See the entire Portfolio by picking up our current issue today. Don’t miss another Montana moment by subscribing today.


  • Songbirds float above the Yellowstone River near the Terry Badlands. Photo by Kurt Wilson

    Portfolio: Roaming the Riverside

    Photography of Kurt Wilson

    While wandering more than 10,000 miles around Montana last year, photographer Kurt Wilson made thousands of unplanned images.

    That was the point.

    The longtime photojournalist – whose mom grew up in Three Forks at the headwaters of Missouri River and who learned to swim while fishing the Alberton Gorge with his dad – spent six weeks in 2014 taking photos of Montana while eating and sleeping in his camper.

    During calculated meanderings for his “Roadside Wanderings” project that ran in the Missoulian and included photos of everything from phone booths to pelicans, Wilson was drawn to rivers on many occasions.

    To view the entire Roaming the Riverside portfolio, find this issue on newsstands now. To read more about Montana all year, subscribe now.

    The Blackfoot River near Bonner. Photo by Kurt Wilson

    The Blackfoot River near Bonner. Photo by Kurt Wilson

    Click the photo above to see Wilson’s entire Roadside Wanderings project

    • big buck

      A big buck stays close to town during hunting season.

    • glendive lights

      Street lights in downtown Glendive.

    • hi-line exploring

      Exploring a family homestead near Turner.

    • hogeland

      The American Lutheran Church in Hogeland.

    • hungry horse

      Hungry Horse's mascot.

    • lookout tower

      The Seeley Lake Lookout Tower.

    • swan lake

      The Swan Mountains bathed in alpine glow.

    • two headed  cow

      A two-headed calf on display in the Yellowstone County Museum.

    • zortman

      Somewhere between Malta and Zortman.

    Instagramming all over the state

    In our never-ending quest to explore every nook and cranny of the great state of Montana, we’ve been having fun growing a diverse Instgram portfolio – and it’s been a lot of fun.

    Take a look at this sampling of images above you’ll find on our Instagram page – where we’ve explored everywhere from Zortman to Swan Lake.

    Follow us, @montanamagazine.com, for more images, links and subscription specials. Do you have awesome pictures of Montana you’d like to share? Send us photos that we can post to editor@montanamagazine.com.

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  • oil spill

    Video: A Montana photographer’s aerial office

    Have you seen our most recent photo Porfolio, The Beauty Above?

    We were lucky enough to feature the aerial photography work of Larry Mayer in the Jan/Feb issue. And recently, Larry shared a video of his aerial “office” that he works in as he gather his shots. 

    YouTube Preview ImageHe was recently in Glendive to document an oil spill that contaminated the Yellowstone River and the city’s drinking water.

    Pretty cool!


    • 1

      Photo by Jaime and Lisa Johnson

    • 2

      Photo by Lynn Donaldson

    • 3

      Photo by Gordon and Cathy Sullivan

    • 4

      Photo by Tony Bynum

    • 5

      Photo by Tom Murphy

    • 6

      Photo by Leland Howard

    Cover photos captured the best of Montana

    Just in time for the new year we’ve got a look back at the images that made our covers in 2014.

    It’s a fun look back at the year of Montana Magazine issues, which started with a cover of a curious bobcat and ended with a cover that captured perhaps the cutest cowgirl in the state.

    Of course, we couldn’t have done any of this without the wonderful group of people who share their work with us each issue. Our cover images were made by a diverse set of photographers. From Jaime and Lisa Johnson, who captured the snowy bobcat (January/February issue), to Lynn Donaldson who made the image of the tough cowboy riding at the Wild Horse Stampede in Wolf Point (March/April issue).

    Gordon Sullivan captured the lightning bolt striking inside Medicine Rocks State Park for our March/April issue. Tony Bynum got a Glacier National Park mountain goat lounging in the unbelievable backdrop for our July/August issue.

    We featured the Grand Prismatic Spring inside Yellowstone National Park, by Tom Murphy, on the September/October cover. Finally, Riley Jones was the adorable feature of our November/December cover, in an image made by Leland Howard.



  • Cover image by Leland Howard

    Sneak peak: Eastern Montana takes center stage in our Nov/Dec issue

    We’ve focused our sights on the East in the Nov/Dec 2014 issue of Montana Magazine, which should be arriving in mailboxes across the country later this week.

    We probably don’t need to remind you that Eastern Montana is a big place. And, as we show off in our latest issue, its a beautiful and diverse place that produces stories like that of our cover star, Riley Jones. The image of Riley and her dad, Ryan, was made by photographer Leland Howard. Riley first sat on a horse at age 2, and was riding on her own by age 4.

    Along with the image of Riley, we’ve got a beautiful lineup of images from Howard, who traveled 10,000 miles across the eastern part of Montana to make images for the new book Eastern Montana. We used a sampling of those images for our Portfolio and for the cover image. It’s a Portfolio worth seeing.

    Don’t think we’ve forgotten that with the fall and early winter comes hunting season – a time in Montana that has created some of the most storied and longstanding traditions. In that spirit, we’ve got an essay from writer Jack Ballard, whose family has hunted from the same elk camp for more than 5o years.

    We’ve also got a feature on an up-and-coming knife maker from Missoula, who is provided hunters with some new tools to aid in their adventures.

    One more teaser for one about a story about a hunter who, as he battles colon cancer, is giving back in a big way to his hometown of Glasgow. Skip Erickson has donated an almost unbelievable collection of animal trophies to the Children’s Museum of Northeast Montana – a place that can now transport kids from all over the Hi-Line across the world as they look through the rooms of Erickson’s animals.

    There’s more too, of course, so keep a lookout for more teasers on our Facebook (fb.com/montanamagazine) and Twitter (@montanamagazine). We’ll have our preview content from the Nov/Dec issue up at  montanamagazine.com later this week.

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