• Photo by Brendan Whitcomb

    Glimpses: A parting shot to show off the best of Montana

    If you’re a subscriber (if you’re not, what are you waiting for?!?), you know the last page of each issue is dedicated to our Glimpses photo – a parting shot from somewhere in Big Sky Country that is always worth 1,000 words.

    Our last Glimpses comes from Circle, where photographer Brendan Whitcomb captured one of those you-gotta-see-it-to-believe-it sunsets.

    Here’s Brendan’s descriptions of the image, “Lonely Sunset“:

    It was Oct. 26, 2014, and I was racing home to see my daughter’s Halloween costume. Commuting many miles to work means face time is at a premium. I felt the tremor of rubber pounding the pavement as my V10 pushed the drumming carousel of North Dakota farther behind.

    In a passing glimpse, I was aware that twilight had awakened on the scenic Montana Highway 200 outside Circle. My foot vacillated on and off the accelerator as the day slowly came to rest. And when I finally pulled over, time and efficiency had given way to the moment.

    I grabbed my camera and aimlessly frisked the local landscape for a subject. A displaced herd of deer and a few trees later I stumbled upon this hallowed enchantment. The scene seemed to have a life of its own that captured the essence of Halloween.

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    • 1959904_4497017758939_7095650888033459302_n

      Evening over Ninepipes Reservoir by John D. Harwood

    • 10399990_329717623871052_2272409419680118286_n

      Light show over Northwestern Montana by Natatum Haines

    • 10458365_910517658964505_7914255356235348450_n

      Sunrise on Flathead Lake by Sherry Meyers

    • 10487549_10202124056533453_7176926801462871906_n

      A cowboy roper under the Big Sky by Yvonne Moe Resch

    • 10523988_626489607465024_3042953029461552456_n

      Heaving shining through near East Glacier by Earle Take Photography

    • 10530774_10152151795196595_4347874058949810295_n

      Sunset near Plains by Robin K. Ha'o

    Slideshow: Celebrating Big Sky Country’s summer skies

    Once again, our readers and Facebook friends have shared an amazing bunch of photos with us. And what better time than the first week of August to share a few that celebrate the summer skies of Montana?

    Here’s a compilation of big sky shots from around the state.

    Thanks to Yvonne Moe Resch, Sherry Meyers, John  D. Harwood, Natatum Haines, Robin K. Ha’o and Earle Take Photography for the wonderful images.

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    – Jenna