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  • The Terry Badlands includes 44,000 acres of sedimentary rock. Photo by Ed Wolff

    Treasure State Hidden Gem: The Terry Badlands

    By Ed Wolff Montana is blessed with huge areas of public land, and the Terry Badlands Wilderness Study Area, located 35 miles east of Miles City off Interstate 94, encompasses 44,000 acres of sedimentary rock stacked like layers of cake. Over uncountable eons of time, endless cycles of rain, wind, heat and cold have scared the rock, sculpting an alien-like landscape distorted into pillars of clay resembling mounds of ice […]

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Love Letters to Montana

  • 1959904_4497017758939_7095650888033459302_n

    Goodnight, Montana

    Submitted by Amy Engbretson May and it’s a full moon night. We pull 9in with the trailer loaded, all the way from Ohio. We’ve been married for a week. Under the great blue sky, the love of my life has spent four months building a house. The first dirt has moved while we were both there, dreaming as new lovers do about our life together. Before that, before we disturbed […]

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