• The Perfect Place: Flathead Valley


    This past summer, a sunglasses company was hiring writers to pen essays about Whitefish for their annual catalog, and a friend told me to submit my work.

    I cringed.

    Not only do I despise the “pigeon effect” of marketing groups who have sold the West for decades – they land, take what they want, and then fly away again – but I also don’t write marketing spiels. I never have, and don’t plan on starting. Luckily, this particular company steered clear of any self-promotional protocol, and to my sheer bafflement and applause, their catalog was a “locals only” project that granted us writers and photographers free reign over content and approach – 100 percent artistic liberty. I could write something I would be proud of 10, 20 years from now. A celebration of place. So, I hopped on board.

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